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When I first bought my steam combi oven I was a bit worried.  I had difficulty finding any information that helped me understand how to use it.  Long before our oven was installed into our newly renovated kitchen, I was eager to find recipes.  Because I couldn’t find really anything other than manufacturer marketing material I was also looking at forums.  Most of all I was eager to find other people who’d bought combi or steam only ovens.  Again, I really couldn’t find a lot of information.  I did find a couple of forums where combi or steam oven owners voiced their frustration at the lack of recipes available.  I was beginning to get worried that I’d bought a ‘lemon’.

So, I am devoting this space to all things combi oven.  I have never taken to the idea that you can cook different food at the same temperature.  Hence, I do not agree with those who cook rice, salmon and vegetables in the oven all at the same time.   While I do agree that there is no tranference of flavours, I do not agree that all foods cook at the same temperature.  Therefore I am slightly bemused by the continuance of both manufacuturers and retailers to still push this line.

As a result, Steamed Up is my place to be able to share my ideas on the “why’ and the “how” of steam and combi oven cooking.  The absolute magic about combi steam ovens is that they allow food to be cooked at the correct tempertaure for the correct time.

Steamed Up Issue One:

On this website you’ll find a link to our free magazine – Steamed Up Issue 1 where you’ll find:

  • some hints and tips,
  • a couple of recipes
  • some general information about steam oven cooking

Download the magazine, have a read and let me know your thoughts.

Steamed Up Issue 1