SteamedUp Issue 3 – Brussels sprouts

Well having sorted out one technical issue another popped up.  IT is not my strong suit so I do tend to struggle with solving problems.  It turns out a new laptop was all I needed!

So at long last, here is the latest issue of SteamedUp.

Issue 3 Brussels sprouts

Now don’t moan and stop reading.  Until very recently I did all I could to avoid eating Brussels sprouts.  It was only when my chef friend made this recipe that I changed my opinion.  My husband has always loved them.  For his birthday or special occasions I would buy some just for him.  I’d try not to overcook them as that causes bitterness and serve them with olive oil and salt.  I should have thought about this earlier but really, what doesn’t taste good when served with butter, bacon or as gratin?

So, now I am a convert.  When you steam the peeled leaves of the Brussels sprouts, they can be quite sweet.  Sometimes I leave out the bacon and serve the steamed leaves with croutons with roast pork.  Very nice!


There are a few other vegetables and foods that I tend to avoid:  parsnips, turnips, sago.  As I reflect back, the problem may not have been the food but rather the way it was cooked.  I grew up in the late 60’s and 70’s and the way we cooked at home was very different to how we cook now.  And I thank multiculturalism for it!

Not sure I’m ready to give Tripe a go.  That’s going to take a while I think.  A long while.


The latest issue can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Steamed Up – Newsletter March 2019

Happy cooking!


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