Why did I go “high tech” and buy a combi steam oven?


Why did I go “high tech” and buy a combi steam oven?

For 25 years we had a Chef split oven/cooktop that was very servicable.  It was chosen as it fit nicely into our extremely small kitchen area.  For it’s time it was not “high tech” but the top of the oven did heat up!  Made it easy to keep food warm.  Following our renovations I wanted something a bit more high tech.  What would encourage me to cook differently and broaden my culinary skills?

I then discovered steam ovens.  It’s a strong statement but steam ovens are a revolution in cooking. Food can be cooked at the correct temperature for the correct amount of time.  You may not believe me yet but attend a cooking demo or watch some videos on youtube.

I’m not so blindly in love with my steam oven that I know it won’t replace my other kitchen appliances .  But it will replace your standard oven.

My grandmother raised a family of nine children. Meal times were not only the eleven immediate family members but often there were the other relatives who popped in for a feed. Her stove was modern for its time – the Kookaburra brand.  You can imagine how hard this little oven got worked.  All day, every day but Sunday.  Sunday mornings  were spent in church then back home for a big feed.

Kookaburra stove - high tech in its time
Kookaburra stove – high tech in its time


Fast forward to 2017 and not many of us have the time to spend cooking at home. Most of us are juggling and running all day.  During the weeks, who has time to waste?  The only time we maybe possibly have to spend trying a new recipe or trying out a new technique is on the weekend.

There have been a couple of recipes that are easy to prepare and cook in under an hour and they now form part of our weeknight fare. Cooking a roast is achievable now whereas in the past I would only have cooked a roast on the weekend.

Thankfully times have changed since the Kookaburra Stove was the high tech stove of choice.



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